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Enriching your Distance Learning Portfolio

Using SEI, ESL & Special Education Strategies July 14 

Using SEI, ESL & Special Education Strategies July 22 

Strategies for Teaching Poetry

Foundations of Literacy

Developing Mathematical Mindsets

Routines for Positive Mathematical Mindsets

What's with the New Math

Number Talks

Math Fact Fluency

Creative Hands-On Science & Technology for STEM

Interactive Lessons for Foreign Languages

Motivate & Engage with Videos for All Content Areas

Raising Student Voices - Designing Podcasts

Discovery with Digital Breakouts


Creating a Cultural Safe Haven in the Classroom

How Does Childhood Trauma Impact Brain Development

Alleviating & Understanding Anxiety in the Classroom

Inquiring About Inquiry Design

Developing Safe & Responsible Digital Citizens

Moving Students from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

Happy Teacher Mindset

Top Notch Engagement

Engage Your Students in the Digital Age

Give Students a Voice Through Choice

Creative Hands-On Science, Math, SS, ELA, ESL, For. Lang., & Sped

Engage Your Students with ADHD

The Art of Visual Thinking

Renaissance to Rock: Integrating Music into the Classroom

Art Teacher's Studio

Promoting Comprehensive School Health

Engaging Students Through Social Emotional Learning

Building Character Traits Through Social Emotional Learning

Let's Connect! Home-School Engagement

Stop Bullying! Apply the Principles of SEL to Bully Prevention